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—Aaron worries his daddy is not alive because of something he saw happen to him!!

—A spirit Journey leads Monet and Aaron to—Canyon Country where Aaron is eventually healed. The ancient and sacred spirit of the Eagle protects them in the Sonora Desert!

—Poe continues to research and reveal a part of history, that history left out! Lieutenant Ives’ narration of-- the first exploration--of the Colorado River and The Grand Canyon by

a U.S. citizen, ‘The Ives Expedition’—1857-58.When war breaks out between Indians and

U.S. Troops!

—Poe found his diary, that was stowed away, and let Counselor read it. A story he called

“HELL” revealing what it was like in prison! 



Now on sale!

The price does not include tax and shipping.

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Read inside the book free: 

Based on a true story!

-Monet was addicted to cocaine since age 14, while married to the ring leader of the Corsican Mafia, and never worked a day in her life! Snuck to the states at 20 and met Poe Walker; lured him into a web of deceit; punished him with torturous tease and . . . her affair with mystery-man! Did Walker have reasons to split?

-Extreme child abuse done to Poe, provoked childhood-drug-addiction; later converted to alcoholism, thus . . . violence! The latter bred between Monet and their children; a chain-reaction 'Violence breeds Violence' separated the Walkers

. -Megan attempted suicide because she didn't believe her Daddy was alive! Incarcerated in Juvenile Detention; committed into a Mental Hospital for stabbing her mother, injuring her brother and a police officer, she was deemed incompetent by the court!

-A recovering alcoholic, Poe took custody, but questioned the circumstances; and moreover, devastation you-wouldn't believe!

-The two-fold vision of "The Canyon's Shadow" in one way, is a shade veneer stretching the chasm; seen another way, the Shadow is the Canyon's history.

-Two people arrived 155 years apart, but their stories intertwine. The Canyon was the same, what changed, was civilizations around her.

-Poe uncovered a relic of time The M.N.A. Research Center never knew they had; revealing truth history left out; truth, we all need to know . . . 

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